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George Nakashima Woodworkers

The Woodworkers

Video Production

Zak Winokur, 2023


George Nakashima Foundation For Peace

video production for documentary, virtual tours, and live stream events

"We asked Zak to record events for the Nakashima Foundation for Peace on several occasions, which were breathtakingly beautifully done, with his photographic eye for proportion and composition, combined with his own experience as a musician---plus his enthusiastic joie de vivre!  His casual, sincere manner put us all at ease during many interviews, speeches and tours, and I cannot describe what a great pleasure it was to work with Zak and to get to know him as a person!

Even if the Pandemic subsides and normal performances resume, we shall always have these precious moments in time preserved forever, and our audiences have expanded to include the entire world! We cannot thank you enough, Zak, for making this possible!"     - Mira Nakashima

Concordia Chamber Players, The Princeton Festival 2021

video production for concert events

"I am so grateful for your thoughtful representation of the musical selections. Your sense of honoring the musical journey is uncanny. You spoil us with your work. Thank you again for all your amazing work in capturing the essence of our vision."     - Michelle Djokic

Bright House Photo

photography and video production

Lenape Chamber Ensemble

video production for concert events

"The Lenape Chamber Ensemble has been very fortunate to have found Zak Winokur, a wonderful videographer in Bucks County. He has an eye for interesting pre-concert video photography that invites our web audience into the concert venue. He continues to coordinate and produce videos for us as we return to having live audiences. Thank you Zak!"     - Mary Eleanor Pitcairn

Concordia Chamber Players at Nakashima Woodworkers 2020

"I am so grateful to your vision on this project, Zak. I am most impressed by your sensitivity to the harmony of the music and the Nakashima campus. This will be treasured by all who get to see it."     - Michelle Djokic

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